WING IT WEDNESDAY! There is no Elevator to success you will have to take the stairs!

This past month I left for three weeks to check out, Spain, France and England. It was an amazing trip! So much to see, eat and drink! We did tons of walking and biking! I even had a few travels WOD’s that I crushed!  It has been two weeks now since I have Oct72015been back from my trip. Right after my trip I had a family emergency occur which delayed my gym routine. I am starting back at it tonight and compiled this short list of things to remind myself why I go to Crossfit and why it is important after a month and half to go back.

Getting back at it:

  • Remember how awesome I felt after a WOD
  • It will only take a few days to get back in the routine
  • Progress might feel like it stopped but if you go today the progress train will start back up- realizing I did not always follow my macro’s
  • To get moving again- the sad realization the holiday is over
  • To be fitter for the next holiday!
  • Because I love it!

I am very scared to go back into the box. I feel like my muscles have turned into mush and I have become a pudge bucket- but when it comes down to it, you will never see progress if you don’t start or in my case continue. Because at the end of the day, it is all Just1Rep at a time


The Exhaustion Argument

My life never seems to slow down enough. It consists of busy work days, running errands, looking after my dog, and training as much as possible to achieve my goals.

Getting in the proper nutrition seems to be less of a priority with everything going on. I realize sometimes I would have gone 7 or 8 hours without eating and had completed 2 hrs of Olympic lifting at close to my max weights also.

“Create healthy habits- not restrictions”  

Needles to say this can be exhausting and is a regular pattern in my life. I seem to have 2 speeds. I’m either flying high and can accomplish anything and everything, or I am completely exhausted. This exhaustion comes around almost religiously Just1Rep 082615every 1 and a 1/2 weeks.

I consulted my naturopath and she suggested that because I lead a life that is quite taxing and stressful that my adrenal glands on top of my kidneys may not be working properly and could use some support. She feels this may be a reason for my repeated exhaustion. So my instructions were to first start with food and make sure I am eating enough for the amount of exercise and weight I lift first before going back to see what I can do to support these glands.  I got my B12 shot and was on my way.

“Its not that I can’t eat that. I am making a healthy choice to not.”

Food is so important and for some reason its always the first thing I neglect in life. Whether its not eating enough of it or simply eating the wrong things that area easy to grab like gluten or dairy, which are allergens for me.

I’ve consulted a lady who is a Body Builder (SABBA )competitor, coach and nutritionJust1Rep0826152n planner for all sorts of athletes. She has a very good reputation and have helped many different athletes reach their goals.

I am very impressed with her thoroughness. She knows all about my intolerance, my preferences, how many meals i’d like to eat a day, my body type, and my goals of gaining strength in my sport. She made it easy. I eat the same thing for 4 weeks, and check in with her every 2 weeks. She changes the meal plan every 4 weeks. considering how busy I am this makes my life so much easier considering I only have time to meal prep once a week. It keeps my grocery costs low as I’m not wasting food and saves time in the kitchen and can stress less knowing I’m on track.

She also pointed me in the right direction of protein powders I should have no problem digesting considering my allergies. The biggest problem with my diet is I do not get near enough protein. This could be a huge reason as to why I go through cycles of exhaustion.

I’m excited for this journey. This is not a weight loss journey, but rather a health and achievement journey.

Current 1 rep Max’s

Snatch: 43kg

Clean and Jerk: 57kg

Back Squat: 85kg

Front Squat: 66kg

Current Energy levels: 1 to 1&1/2 week high and then crash for  3 days.


Lets get consistent, 1 Rep At A Time.


“If you don’t go after what you want, You’ll never have it”

How bad do you want it?

I invest in myself. I want to be all that I can be. I want to push myself harder than the day before. I want to be awesome. I want to be happy.

Yesterday was bringing a friend to the Box. My friend was very uneasy . She told before the warm up she probably can’t do this. Already full of excuses and setting herself up for failure.

I had even talked to this girl’s mom before the WOD and she told me “this Crossfit thing will probably kill her and will be the last time she works out” Like who sets their child up for failure? I told her it would be a hard WOD but you can do it.  During the WOD she told me numerous times that she now hates me and this is too hard and I wish we only had 1 round to do. So,

Did we sweat- Yes!
Was hard- Yes!
Did we die- No!

But if it was easy (haha insert your mom joke here) it wouldn’t be worth it, you wouldn’t be setting your body up for change, and from my experience if it doesn’t challenge you I doesn’t change you.Just1Rep0813152

It breaks my heart to hear people say, I can’t do that.

I used to my horrified when the WOD had a rope climb, hand stand push up or even a pull up.  But I have learned to overcome my insecurities and adapt the WOD for me. You do not always need to Rx a WOD.

It becomes a mind game which at first your mind wins. Its mind over matter, if you don’t mind then it doesn’t matter!  Those moments of giving up are the times you need to push through the hardest.  You need to remember why you started- which makes you a difference person from yesterday. You will  become stronger because you have pushed yourself.

My whole life I have been a very goal driven girl. I see something I want and I do what is needed to get that goal done. The path to get to the goal might not be logically but I have always flown by Just1Rep081315the seat of my pants- hence Wing It Wednesday. As bad as this may be- but I always get what I want. Not always instantly but I work for it which makes life better. If you want something work for it!

So when people say they “can’t” it kills me because they already have given up. As for my friend she used to go to the gym then slowly stopped going and was full of excuses, money and time were a big factor.  But when people want results but not work to get there.  When you hit the wall of “I can’t” you need to break it down. We are all capable of becoming amazing and finding something we are passionate about in which two little words cannot break you.

I am pretty sure I am just ranting as I am not sure what I am really trying to tell you beside, why settle, why give up. Power through- become the best you.  It starts with you.

It all starts with Just1Rep


Wing It Wednesday- You Can!

Today at my Box is bring a friend day! I am pumped! I love exposing people to the world of Crossfit! It’s great! So when I texted my bud to ensure she still wanted to come she said “yep- I might die.” I told her it was a partner WOD so we will be a team and I got your back it will be great.Wingitwednesday081215

During my chat with her she, had some negative comments, such as I am going to fail, and I will suck. This got me thinking… She is only going to fail because in her mind she already has… which leads me to my list of staying positive when you mind is like nope!

  • Don’t over think it- too much thought while doing the WOD can get you distracted- be in the moment
  • Stop the saying “I can’t” because yes you can. Might need to modify something but that’s okay. All that really matters is you’re trying
  • When you have a negative moment- remember why you started
  • Remember what it is like to finish a badass hero WOD- this WOD could be the same after
  • Take the feeling of I am gonna die to be a measurement for nextjust1repwinging081215
  • Take it Just1Rep at a time-becoming the best you can be will take work, staying on the happy side makes the work worth it and enjoyable

So when your mind says, “I suck, I’m going to fail or I can’t” tell it to fack off! Your body will go for much longer than your mind thinks! Be tough, be strong and get it done!



“So often we become focused on the finish line that we fail to enjoy the journey” D. Uchtorf

We live in a society where the visual appearance is the most prominent. My last blog was about the visual appearance of people. This blog is going to be a bit different. I want to focus on the internal beauty and admire how far you can come mentally in just a short time.  Your mental health and confidence can be seen in your outer beauty.Just1Rep081115

As I sit here with my dog and 4 other beautiful amazing ladies, I can’t help but reflect back on what got me to this place.

A weekend away at a cabin by a beautiful big lake with 4 women I admire and lucky to call my friends, and our dogs.  Where have these people been all my life?

I have found that, the more I find out who I am- the more comfortable I become with who I am, then the good things start happening for me. I used to spend so much time worrying about what people thought about me, and trying to fit in and look the part. That never got me to where I am today, and the friends I had at that time were very toxic.

Crossfit gave me something more to focus on rather than my body image, it gave me goals that were not visual. I wanted that pull up, I wanted to clean and jerk 65kg, I wanted to run 800 meters sub 4 mins. Each week I kept accomplishing small victories and it had such a huge impact on my mental health and confidence. The toxic, useless, waste of energy things that used to plague my brain just seemed to drift away as I started to concern myself with thoughts that were about making myself into the best version of me I can. I became happier with who I was, and who I was becoming.

“Hold the Vision Trust the Process”- Unknown

I used to dread the journey and just want the results. It was never about the journey before, just the result. But now I love the journey. Its not about the result, it is about the journey. If you think about it, when you get to the result then your done, right? Where do you go from there? In my mind I would think okay I won’t be happy until I’ve reached that result, whatever the result was. I never thought beyond that.

My body has never reached the result I wanted, and I realized it never will, nor do I want it to. I wanted a smaller butt, smaller thighs, toned shoulder and abs, just be really lean and pretty.

Uuuuuhhh, ya that did not happen.  My coach the other day Just1Rep (2)literally told me my legs are rocks, that  my quads looked like dolphins- Haha. Basically my knee cap would be the snout of the dolphin and the head of the dolphin was the big quad muscle that sticks out the side of my leg. Not exactly the sexy feminine look  I was going for, but I’m so happy with dolphin looking legs. They can squat a lot of weight and to me, that is sexy.

All the flaws I used to pick apart I am now grateful for. The fat on my body  is no longer useless annoying fat, its fuel.  I no longer care that my muscles are too big for most girls clothing to fit properly, because I get told I look jacked and I can see the admiration in someone’s eyes when they tell me that.

“A flower does not compete with the flower next to it, It just blooms”

So as I sit here and reflect on who I was a year ago and who I am now, yes my visual appearance might have changed. But I am a whole new different person than I was a year ago, and I am soo much happier.  The biggest change has been on the inside.

All it took was Just1Rep at a time to become who I am now!


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Wing it Wednesday!! Sweat, Smile ,Repeat!

This is a small list I have comprised with random tips I have been told over the years to help become better at lifting!

  1.  When lifting, Looking at the ceiling where it meets the wall will ensure your chest is up and shoulders are back
  2. Do you knees buckle in while lifting heavy?  Activate the legs before the lift. Think of it as spreading the floor apart with your knees- this will ensure your knees going out
  3. When working on the Snatch- use your hips! And when I say use your hips I mean Hump that bar to get it over your head
  4. Tight but, Tight guts! This is one of my favs- helps me plank longer, do a pull up better and lift heavierWing it
  5. Don’s stop breathing- when you want to blow chunks everywhere- remember to take deep breaths
  6. That pesky hook grip- it works! I used to hate it- but it is the best for lifting heavy- plus in my box if you are not hook’n your doing a 5 Burpee penalty during the WOD for every time you’re caught without the hook grip
  7. When you feel like blowing chunks during a WOD take it as Just1Rep at a time remembering it does end, and when it’s over you will feel like a badass!

What is your secret tip that you have held onto to make you better during the WOD?



“We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are.” –Anais Nin

So there are some things I just do not understand in this world. This morning, a very good friend of mine, sends me a picture of this beautiful woman sucking back a soda from McDonalds. I wonder what people envision when I describe her as the word, beautiful.Just1Rep071315 Whatever your vision is, the lady in this picture is a larger woman, large to the point of unhealthy, wearing high wasted jeans, a crop top, and a vest. The caption was about how brave and bold she is for being a big girl and confident in her skin.  I mean I’m almost stumped at where to begin picking this apart. Ya know what? Regardless about what your position is on this:

“I believe everyone’s position has merit and we all have a choice in our actions of what kind of life we want to lead.”

This got me thinking… So, I’m looking around and listening to people in general, and a lot of them are so unhappy, do not feel well, they are eating crap and honestly, it shows. The human body is a machine, it is meant to be productive and useful and the rewards of that show in our posture, gait, strength, muscle tone appearance, and of course confidence, stamina, and overall the way we feel.

So how come now a days when I look around whether people are large or small, the majority of them look ill in my opinion. As they are lacking muscle tone, hunched over and showing no confidence or happiness. Now I’m not saying everyone should be like that bikini model we see on the front of women’s health or oxygen magazine…Noooo… I’m saying I want to see more people feel pride with their bodies no matter the size, but real pride. Not pride that your okay chugging back a soda and eat Just1Rep07131502cheeseburgers. Pride in the fact that you choose the food you eat. You choose it from a local source. Not the ready-made crap you buy at a Walmart or processed from a fast food joint.

I want people to use their bodies and be proud of it, not couch potatoes. I know many larger women that train and they look amazing, same with smaller women. You can tell they are healthy, they take pride in their bodies, they have muscle tone, good posture and they look after their machine. I guess what I’m getting at is I’m tired of it being very 2 sided. You’re either skinny fit and that’s what we are told to be proud of, or your boasting your rare confidence for wearing what you want, eating what you want and being unhealthily overweight. Well that in my opinion is not how it should go.

What about all the healthy beautiful bodies in-between? These are the women I am proud of.

These women realize that what they eat affects their health tremendously. They also realize whose food they eat affects the health of our planet.

They train, they get better, and they inspire others.

I want to see more people waking up to the idea that the biggest way to change and implement health not only to human beings, but also the planet is by respecting the machine you are, and that starts with what you are eating. Every little choice has a big affect in the long run, it just comes down to whether you are going for instant fast disappearing gratification, or slow reward with long lasting benefits, health and pride. The littlest choices turn out to be the most powerful. If it seems overwhelming, remember; its  JUST 1 REP!GLN

“Its Your Race, and Yours Alone. Others May Run it With You But No One Can Run It For You” Snoopy

Today while I was talking to a customer and he informed me that, when he was younger living in the “old country” they used to make sour cream during lighting storms. I was like WTF how does this work. Being in a state of confusion not knowing if that is a real thing, my best friend texts me “I challenge you to run 5KMs every morning before work for the next 30 days?” Can you imagine what my face looked like, sour cream in lighting storms to 5kms before 7am? Excuse me! Whoa!

Needless to say, starting tomorrow GLN and I are going to do a 30 days run challenge!

It will consist of a 5km run every morning before work for the next 30 days. In doing so, we hope to become more productive during the day.
So, starting this running in the morning means I will be getting up at 5:50am which will allot me the time to run and stretch until 6:30am. Then I can shower and be off to work! I am hoping doing this will create a routine and make me a morning person. I can think of a million excuses not to get up and run but I can also think of ten million excuses as to why this will be great… so here are a few reasons why this is going to become one of the best 30 day challenges I have ever done…

1) I will be awake and moving before most people’s alarms go off. (There is just something about sunshine and quietness of a small town in the morning)

2) Learning to be less rushed- by waking up early this will be my time. I am doing this for me, it will allow me to gather my thoughts and have a better start to the morning.

3) The Runners High! This is something I have always loved and love the long runs because after I feel like I can conquer the world!

I am sure this will have the ups and downs, like really who wants to get out of bed at 5:50am? I guess that is me! I can do this… I Love Running! The moments of doubt are what makes or breaks a person. As soon as I think I want to stop running is when I make myself run further. This is what will make me a stronger person. It will just be one foot in front of the other, and Just1Rep at a time!


Anyone wanna do this with us?

“The Struggle You’re in Today, is Developing the Strength You Need For Tomorrow”

Today I find myself in one of those situations where the things I believe in are not coming to fruition the way I had planned them to. I just completed the elimination diet. I am now at the phase where I start introducing foods. My body is not responding the way I had figured it would have.

The other day I ate ice cream filled with sugar goodness. Bloated up like a balloon, felt nauseas and had to poop instantly. A few days later I ate a doughnut assuming my body would have had the same reaction- but nothing happen, I felt fine.IIFMMJust1Rep

This thing is not easy. I’m expecting instant signs; instant reaction like that ice cream. I am learning the signs don’t show up instantly or in the way you would expect them.

It may show up in joint pain inflammation, sinus headaches, chronic fatigue, or any myriad of other symptoms, in which you would just look over as being tired from a workout or moody because of a certain situation, not because of the food you ate prior. This is so frustrating!

The food you eat has so much to do with your mood, how good you sleep, chronic fatigue, joint pain, muscle aches, headaches, and this list is endless.

I’m female 5’2″ and 157lbs. I work in a sales warehouse where I am on my feet all the time and carrying items out the door. I also partake in Olympic lifting and gymnastics 2 times a week, Crossfit 1-3 times a week and some spine and shoulder mobility work.

I am a solid 20lbs heavier than what I need to be. At 20lbs lighter, I will be lean and more efficient at Crossfit, and also have more confidence. My body, is feeling heavily taxed and I want to get past this set point of 157lbs.

–Listening to your body is a tricky thing–

Step 1 is figuring out your intolerance’s and cut them out. Step 2 is figuring out your macros.  I’ve lost a bit of weight eating higher healthy fats on the elimination diet. When controlling my fats with macros I did not lose weight like I expected.


I’m also second guessing the efficiency of counting macros.

I’m asking for opinions and advice. I’m stuck between eating what I know is healthy and not worrying about counting it. Or, do I put in the work…keeping in mind my time is very limited in counting the macros and getting back on that wagon.

Everything is just 1 rep,….



“Confidence is not “they will like me”. Confidence is “I’ll be fine if they don’t” .Unknown…

How do you find motivation to get that next WOD or workout in? Perhaps you are like many people that scroll their Insta-gram accounts and seeing numerous people post pictures of abs or spending time in the gym getting fit.

Or is it the slogans of “Suck it up now, and you won’t have to suck it in later” (Which on a side note with this… that’s not true! When you lift heavy you need to engage your abs and which is similar to sucking it in so the more fit you get the more sucking it in occurs!)

Anyways, I think Instagram, twitter and Pintrests are all amazing places to look for motivation but when picture like this girl.Just1 Rep

Gives many people an unrealistic goal that going to the gym tonight I am going to look, and be like her tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the way she looks, and she probably works very hard to stay fit and if she is happy. Then who is really to judge- no one at all (like haters gonna hate) But you can’t expect to look like her ….

I don’t think we should compare ourselves to others in a way that creates body shaming. If you want to look like that, do it. But I want to look like me, I want to be the best I can be; I want to maximize my full athletic potential. I don’t want to be the girl that says with negativity “I weigh 127.8 pounds- gross I need to lose weight.”

Let’s be honest here I weigh 150 pounds! Proud of it! If I was asked a year ago about my weight. I would not be proud of it because I was stuck with the unrealistic thought of “I need to be skinny!” Once I started Crossfit I came to realize- I do Crossfit for me, why would I drop weight/muscle to have that number on the scale dictate my life.

I scroll through Insta-gram to see friend and family hitting up the gym and many other Insta-gram accounts showing off amazing abs and biceps. This motivates me to think one day that could be me. Which leads to me pushing it harder in the gym.  I could be like them, but need to remember I don’t want to be them.

There Socrates- 1 Repare days when I do not want to go the box, as I read the WOD and it has my least favorite things, Rowing and Wall Balls! But then I read quotes like this one by Socrates.This instantly picks me up and to use my body to reach my potential.  I want to be the best I can be for me.  To become the best Me, it will take one day at a time, terrible walls balls, Just 1 rep at a time!

Let us know what you think- what motivates you?!